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Something to Ponder

We should have enough confidence to be able to hit every golf shot successfully, however, be smart enough to know that we can't.

Bill Scott, PGA


Connie before left after right

Rising up on left, stable on right

Great contact

End result is one happy golfer !!



If you are a visual player and want to get some help in turning the corner to get to the next level of your game -- seek a video lesson using the latest computer technology.



Video Swing Analysis

I offer the lastest in video and simulator technologies. Have your alignment, ball position, posture, grip, swing path, and more checked.

I also use the Casio Exilim Pro EX-F1 Camera which is capable of taking 1200 frames per second. It allows us to view the swing in super slow motion so we can view all aspects of the swing. Just like on television.



Swing View Pro allows me to give to real time internet video lessons. Downloadable student version of teacher software included for your personal computer.

Student swings will be sent directly to your email address for your viewing.

Track your progress with your most current swing videos against your old swing videos.



Raining outside, too hot outside, too cold (sometimes in South Florida) we can take your lesson indoors with the latest simulator technology.

Get face angle, angle of approach, clubhead speed, tempo analysis statistics while working indoors.


HUDL TECHNIQUE allows me to use the technology that you have in your hands to your phone or table. A link will be emailed to you to download the application onto your device free of charge.

Build a library of your swings right on your device today.

Compare and see the improvement in your game instantly anywhere you are in the world.


Swing Byte allow you to see a 3D version of your golf swing with all of the latest data on your golf swing such as clubface position, path, centeredness of caontact, club speed and more.

Your information can be shared directly to your device for your own personal use.

History will be saved to your device for you to see your improvements


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